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Feldberg without obstacles



Baby carriages, wheelchairs, bicycles and dogs can be easily transported on the Feldberg mountain cableway. The Feldbergtower has also been converted to be barrier-free in recent years. Everyone can thus enjoy the unique view from the viewing platform on the 11th floor of the tower.

Throughout the summer season, the Feldberg mountain cableway staff will be happy to help guests with handicaps get on and off the mountain cableway. The Feldberg mountain cableway is a detachable circulating railroad. This means that the gondola cars are driven by a haul rope on suspended rails. At the entrance and exit, they travel at a slower speed. If necessary, the lift can even be stopped briefly to allow even easier boarding.

On the Feldberg, the bus stop is located a short distance from the valley station of the Feldbergbahn. If you arrive in your own car, you don't have to take a long way from the parking garage to the cabins. Sanitary facilities for the disabled are available both at the valley station and in the Feldbergtower.

Many wheelchair- and stroller-friendly paths invite you to cover the distance down the valley without the Feldberg mountain cableway. So nothing stands in the way of a barrier-free day on the Feldberg.

The Feldberg mountain cableway as well as the Feldbergtower were certified in 2018 as part of the "Travel for All" project. The report can be found here.