The trend sport for winter sportspersons!
 Snowkiting is a trend sport and a variant of kitesailing, which can be practiced in winter on snowy, open areas. You need a suitable towing kite and skis or a snowboard. If there is enough wind, you let the kite fly and let it pull you over the snow. The free and windy areas at the top of the ski resort Feldberg are perfect for this!


If you watch the pros at the top of the Feldberg as they make their way through the Grüble, you'll immediately want to try it yourself.

The Skywalker snowkite school is located in the middle of the Feldberg ski area and offers snowkite courses at Seebuck:

Learn snowkiting at Skywalker at Feldberg. For over 9 years they have specialized in snowkiting at Feldberg. With them you will not only learn how to snowkite, but also how to handle the forces of nature and your kite in a safe and controlled way. The qualified Skywalker staff, teaching according to VDWS & KSA standards, will make you a well trained skywalker and give you some unforgettable days in the snow. The 1 & 2 day courses start daily at 9:15 am. Individually they offer individuals, groups or even couples, private lessons or classic "Kite in a Day". There is also the possibility to complete a snowkite license there, with which you can connect on the water in the summer.,, +49 (0)711 67349891