One ticket - all lifts. Sounds good? 
Thanks to our modern ticket system, you can use the entire Feldberg lift network with just one ticket.


Booking online is worthwhile

To avoid long waiting times at the ticket offices and to save cleverly, we recommend to book the ski ticket comfortably & easily via our online store. There are two options online: 

Key Card: You can either order a new Key Card (delivery time of 4 - 7 working days) or you can use an already existing Key Card (the 23-digit ID on the back of the card must start with 01), if you still have one. The Key Card offers you the great advantage that you can go directly to the slopes after booking your ticket, without having to queue at the pick-up machines or cash desks. 

Pick-up Voucher: Here you will receive a QR code by e-mail after completing your purchase. You then have to scan this QR code (whether printed on paper or on your smartphone) at a pickup machine and your ticket will be printed out directly. Pickup machines can be found at the following locations: 

Parking garage (level 4) 
Ticket office Seebuck
Ticket office Grafenmatt  
Ticket office Fahl 

A little tip: From the parking garage you can go directly to the lift ticket offices at Grafenmatt (exit level 4). To do this, drive to the ski bridge and take a few steps across the street to the Grafenmatt ticket office.


Ski pass prices Feldbergbahnen

The Feldberg cable cars will introduce dynamic prices for hourly, daily and multi-day tickets starting next winter.

Tickets can be booked conveniently and easily at attractive prices online from home, eliminating annoying queues at the box office. 

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Card type


from year 2005


year 2006 - 2012


year 2013 - 2017

2,5-Hoursfrom 29€from 22€from 15€
From 11:00from36€from 27€from 22€
From 12:30 from31€from 23€from 19€
From 14:00from 27€from 20€from 16€
1 dayfrom39€from 29€from 23€
1,5 days (from 12:30)from70€from 53€from 42€
2 daysfrom74€from 56€from 44€
3 in 5 daysfrom 110€from83€from 66€
4 in 6 daysfrom 145€from109€from 87€
5 in 7 daysfrom 179€from 134€from 107€
6 in 8 daysfrom 214€from 161€from 128€
7 in 9 daysfrom 239€from 179€from 143€
8 in 10 daysfrom 268€from 201€from 161€
9 in 12 daysfrom 299€from 224€from 179€
10 in 14 daysfrom 327€from245€from 196€

Reduced tickets (only available upon presentation of the corresponding proof at the ticket offices): 

The above prices (without "from") are valid for ski instructors with a valid ISIA/IFSI badge, plus 4 €/keycard and persons with a disability from 60%, plus 4 €/keycard. 

The accompanying person of severely handicapped persons is free of charge if BL, aG or H is written on the ID card. In addition, the accompanying person must be noted by the mark "B" in the identity card. 

Snow dwarfs up to and including the year 2018 ride free when accompanied by an adult:  

  • except for the conveyor belts 
  • a free snow dwarf ticket can be picked up at the cash desks of the skiing area Feldberg

From December 03, 2022

Season ticket


from year 2005


year 2006 - 2008

Child II

year 2009 - 2012

Child I

year 2013 - 2017

Saison All-In440€275€160€120€320€

* For ski instructors with valid ISIA and/or IFSI badge and persons with a disability of 60% or more, only available upon presentation of the corresponding proof at the Seebuck ticket office during the winter season 2022/23.