From happiness in the snow

A family ski day in Todtnauberg 


Isa Bender · September 28, 2018


One day in the snow and we feel it again.... our mind is full of happiness!

As a family with two children, we do not belong to the early bird skiers right now, but that's not so bad, because we go to Todtnauberg, there the clocks tick a little differently anyway. We are on the south side of the Feldberg and enjoy the distant view to the Alps from almost everywhere.

In Todtnauberg it's leisurely, we have a free ride on the beautiful, varied slopes. Especially with our two little kids this is a dream, because you don't have to constantly look if they are about to bump into someone. We ski the first runs at the Kapellenlift, which is where we always start our ski day. "My chapel," Nathan says wistfully, because this is where he was baptized a few years ago. The kids smell the chocolate in their pockets and quite traditionally, the first chocolate bar is eaten right in front of the chapel, and of course the whole thing with an incredible view!

"First, go on, go now, Stübiiiii...!!!!", shouts Charlie and already the silence is over and we skiing towards "Stübi".  The run at the Stübenwasen lift is nice and wide and flat at the top, so the boys can "motorcycle" in pairs on one ski pole, as they call it, and ski from one side to the other. Later, it gets steeper again. But of course they need some real action and Nathan, the older one of the two, knows exactly where the best jumps are waiting for him. "I want the forest downhill now!", he shouts to the back of us and just drives ahead, he knows the way now. The first jump is taken and it comes one after the other, even the little one somehow "flies" over it. The snow is soft, so the boys don't stop laughing even when they fall. We have to go through the forest a few more times, it's mandatory!

The sun is shining and the snow is a dream. We take a short break and drink tea, suddenly Charlie, the smallest one, says: "Why is the forest actually called Black Forest? It should be called White Forest, as white as the trees are from the snow now!". It it so good for the boys and us to dive into this winter world, it is pure relaxation. But it never gets boring with the kids, and Nathan calls out again: "It's really hot!" He has to get rid of his sweater, otherwise we can't go on. Instead of enjoying the evening sun, the first snowball comes flying from behind. And when the snow then slowly melts down the back, it's time to go.

Ok- almost- we still manage one very last downhill. This time we even take the summit lift to the Stübenwasen summit. Little Charlie tolds, "Look!". With his 4 young years he grabs the bar on the rope, holds on tight and lets himself be pulled all the way up through the winter forest. Once at the top at 1.388 meters, you can finish off with the most beautiful of all downhills, the panoramic downhill with a dream view. Did I already mention that? This view? Oh yes, this view. For such a small place, quite legendary!

Thank you day, thank you white forest, thank you sun.......Life is good!